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Assessment must include which of the following aspects in order to be meaningful?

What is one key difference between direct and indirect assessment measures?

Every time you revise your department SOAP, the Director of Assessment would appreciate your doing which of the following?

Which of the following is an example of a direct measure?

What is the primary difference between conducting course assessment and program assessment?

What is one of the most important items to consider when deciding what assignment to use for assessment?

"Closing the loop" refers to which aspect of the assessment  process?

Although there are slightly different definitions for authentic assessment, the most important element for this type of assessment is what? 

How do you know how many pieces of student work are necessary to make an assessment activity valid?

If your department wanted to measure critical thinking which of the following assignments aligns with, and thus could adequately measure, this outcome?

What is the key difference between holistic rubrics and analytic rubrics?

If you are introducing a new assignment designed to improve student learning of a specific program learning outcome and would like to carry out a study to determine if it is effective but have some questions what are your options?

If you are developing a rubric to evaluate student work and would like to review examples of rubrics what should you do?

If your department/program has an example of a meaningful assessment activity that provided valuable information about student learning:

Who reviews assessment reports and activities at Fresno State?

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