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Which of the following best describes your current position as an educator.

1. Suspensions work to change student behavior.

2. Discipline should be used as a teaching opportunity.

3. I prefer a black-and-white discipline handbook with exact number of days outlined for

suspensions based on behavior.

4. Behavior should be addressed in an individualized fashion.

5. Parents need to be inconvenienced with suspensions.

6. Restorative, reflective, and instructional opportunities should be part of the consequence/


7. Students should be suspended when teachers or stakeholders pressure me to suspend.

8. I monitor student behavior on an ongoing basis.

9. I use suspension to set an example.

10. I find the function of the behavior and innovate a consequence based on identified function.

11. I need to be convinced to use alternative discipline approaches.

12. I involve parents, teachers, and other stakeholders with the assigned discipline.

13. There is not enough time to do alternative discipline.

14. I establish a relationship with the student throughout the alternative discipline process.

15. I avoid difficult conversations about alternative discipline decisions.

16. I provide a consequence/intervention in lieu of suspension.

17. I prefer to send students home instead of keeping them at school.

18. I am confident enough to justify the reasoning behind using alternative discipline.

19. I demonstrate support to teachers by suspending students.

20. I am comfortable with my skills to build believers in alternative discipline by demonstrating

positive effects of using alternatives.

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